Design to Finished Product: Processing the Manuscript


Phase One:

Consultation to discuss book

Making your book camera ready
Cover design
Papers, Inks, Bindings

Estimated price given
Submitting your manuscript
Manuscript received and reviewed
Final Quote & Contract
First payment received

Phase Two:

Consultation if needed
Filing for ISBN, Bar Code, Library of Congress number and Copyright if required

Why Tri-State?
Phases / Design to Completion
Manuscript Options
Photographs and Artwork
Paper & Ink
Publishing Services
Shipping & Payment
Marketing Services

First Proof of text
Cover design created
Approval of cover design
Second proof of text (if required)
Negatives and Blueline proofs are made (if not digital book)
Approval of Blueline proofs
Second payment received

Phase Three:

Printing of text and cover
Printed pages and cover are assembled and bound
Completed books are packaged and shipped C.O.D.