Paper & Ink


There is available a large selection of paper and ink to help you obtain the perfect feel and look to your book.


Text: Our standard book text is printed in black ink however, other ink colors can be used in order to obtain a specific look.

Cover: Our standard book cover is printed in black ink plus one PMS color. Covers can be printed using up to four colors of ink.

PMS (Pantone Matching System) Guides are available to our clients to assist them in making ink color selections.


Text: Our standard text paper is 50# white, offset-book paper which works well for manuscripts that are mostly text. For manuscripts with solid black areas, a 60# or 70# offset-book paper or offset OPAQUE paper can be used. Heavier weight paper can be used to achieve a certain look or to increase the thickness of a book for binding purposes.

Cover: Our standard cover paper is white 10 PT. C1S (coated one side) which is suitable for most book covers. Cover paper is available in many colors and weights. For a protective finish, the book's cover can be varnished. For a durable finish, the book's cover can be laminated.

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