Sample Layouts

Knowing the limits:

To properly layout your pages you need to know what limits you have with regards to margin space. This example shows standard margins of 1/2" inch all around with the exception of the binding edge(gutter) which is 5/8" of an inch. The image area of each page of your manuscript must be within consistent and clearly defined margins. All text, page numbers, running headers, and artwork must be contained within this image area.

Gutter: For text pages printed on both sides of the sheet, the Gutter (Binding edge) margin for ODD number pages is on the left hand side. The Gutter (Binding edge) margin for EVEN number pages is on the right hand side.


Sample layouts:

The following are a few sample layouts showing different ways to use text and graphics along with margins and justification to achieve the look you want for your book. With all the text justifications available, possibilities are limitless on how your book can be laid out, but, it is suggested that you do not stray to far from standard layouts; otherwise the layout itself may distract from the subject matter of the book and make it harder to read, and to sell!

Style A

Style B

Style C

Style D

Style E

Style F

Style G

Style H

Style I