Friction Feed Collating:

Our Bourg AE Series Collating Systems (left) are fully-automatic, fully synchronized in-line collators that can handle any job from simple collation to complete production of quality finished booklets up to 88 pages (22 sheets), including stacking, stitching, folding, trimming and punching. With a paper stock range of 13lb to 110lb and a sheet size range of 5" x 8" to 13" x 17.5", the Bourg collator is capable of handling the most demanding job.


Air Suction-Feed Collating:

The Duplo DC-10000S collator is the top-of-the-line air suction-feed collator that is the industry's most forgiving and most consistent feeding system. It efficiently handles an array of paper types that includes NCR, manila folder, 10 pt. enamel cover, and stock, that has been run through a printer or copier. Other important features include modular styling and a built-in hand-marry station. Doubles or misfed sets are automatically directed into a specially designed reject tray before reaching the accessories


Our State-of-the-Art Duplo saddlestitcher is fully programmable and fully automated; capable of binding booklets up to 80 pages plus cover.
Bind in envelopes or return cards to add value to your next catalog, newsletter or booklet.


Superior folding is achieved by our highly skilled factory trained folding operators using B120 folders. Virtually all folds are possible with our fully automated right angle MBO folders. Perforating, scoring and slitting are all inline services we can offer folding your next printing job.


Our fully programmable Polar Cutters are capable of the highest quality cutting accuracy found in the industry. Clamp pleasure is fully programmable to assure quality cutting on a variety of stocks up to 30" x 60" x 5" thick. Some of the stocks we can handle are: paper, polyester, vinyl, acetate, carbonless and crack-n-peel to name a few.


Consecutive numbering with one or two numbers on each form are possible. Our crash numbering is ideal for carbonless forms. All numbers are in standard 14 pt and fixed at five digits long.


One sided or two sided laminating is possible in either satin or matt finish laminate. Laminating is the most durable finish that we offer for your printed project, protecting it from stains and moisture. We use a .015 (mil) non-curl nylon laminate for our book covers.

Perfect Binding:

MR 520 PERFECT BINDER Designed for short to medium runs, the high speed MR 520 Perfect Binder can process up to 600 books per hour. The MR 520 accepts both flat sheets and signatures, and can be used in a wide range of operating modes to handle virtually all perfect binding and padding needs.

Perforating and Scoring:

Perforating and scoring can be an important part of finishing your printed project. We offer various perforation and scoring style options. In-line perforating and scoring is also possible on our folder.